About our District

The Riverdale Joint Unified School District is dedicated to providing a learning environment for all students which promotes superior academic, social, and personal skills/values, and affords each student the opportunity to make intelligent choices leading to a productive/successful life through good citizenship and community participation and service.

The Riverdale Joint Unified School District is located approximately 25 miles southwest of Fresno in the heart of prime agricultural land. Farming and farm related enterprises are the principal businesses for the area.Riverdale Joint Unified School District is a K-12 school district with four schools, Fipps Primary (K-3), Riverdale Elementary (4-8), Riverdale High School (9-12), and Horizon High Continuation School (9-12). Riverdale Joint Unified School district provides services to approximately 1600 students. Riverdale Joint Unified School District is fortunate to have a student body which is ethnically and culturally diverse.

The ethnicity of the District is 77% Hispanic; 20% Caucasian; 2% African American, with the remainder made up of other groups. Approximately 85% students receive free/reduced breakfast/lunch.

The District employs 88 classroom teachers, twelve tutors, three library clerks, three principals, three assistant principals, two counselors, an assistant superintendent and a superintendent. Students in grades K-6 are taught in self-contained classrooms and grades 7-12 are taught in a departmental instruction program. Riverdale Joint Unified School District is staffed with a faculty which is professionally skilled and personally committed to meeting the District goals.