Special Education

The Riverdale Joint Unified School District provides a wide range of services and programs to meet the needs of all students with disabilities who are eligible for Special Education services. Most of these services can be provided for qualified students within Riverdale Joint Unified School District. However, some services and programs are only available at specified schools throughout Fresno County and may require enrollment at a designated site. Riverdale Joint Unified School District is a member of the Fresno County Special Education Local Plan Area (SELPA). Riverdale Joint Unified School District is dedicated to assisting parents and their students in receiving a Free and Appropriate Public Education (FAPE).

Before referring a student for a Special Education assessment, schools within Riverdale Joint Unified will offer a variety of interventions to help reach students in the general education setting. Conversations can occur with parents from the classroom teacher, district psychologist, and/or site administrator to gather information about their child and their learning. When different approaches have not resulted in a student making significant progress or a parent may suspect that additional services are in need, a referral for a Student Study Team (SST) is made. The Student Study Team (SST) will further examine a student’s academic progress, behavioral and social-emotional progress. The Student Study Team tries to determine if a child’s struggles are due to a specific learning disability or perhaps some other cause. Based on their recommendation, a special education evaluation may be requested. Parents may also request an assessment to determine eligibility for special education services. Qualified staff will conduct an assessment. An Individualized Educational Planning team, including parents, will meet to review the assessment information, determine eligibility, the services that are needed, and develop appropriate educational goals and objectives. The Individualized Educational Plan (IEP) is reviewed at least annually.

2021-22 CDE Approved SELPA Local Plan.pdf

For questions and concerns, please contact:

Jeff Moore

Assistant Superintendent of Educational Services


(559) 867-8200